PBI Fibres

PBI Fibres

There’s a different kind of arms race going on in the world today: The race to develop protective products that stand up to emerging threats and ultimately save the lives of human beings… while also giving the user maximum freedom, flexibility and comfort.

Our recently innovated PBI material helps make the protective Fire fighting clothes, gloves, vests, helmets and vehicles that protect the world’s armed forces, law enforcement professionals – and citizens.

This is why our customers are increasingly turning to PBI fibres; it’s the world’s only high LOI fibre available. This remarkable material from Gharda is having 2 times higher limiting oxygen index (LOI) in comparison to meta-aramid fibre.It has high tenacity. All of which makes it perfect for use in equipment for anyone on the frontline and in harm’s way. PBI can be easily blended with other fiber such as Meta aramid, Para aramid, cotton and viscose.

• Does not burn, melt or contribute fuel to flames
• Highest Tg in any thermoplastic polymer of 467°C
• High decomposition temperature in air 584°C and in Nitrogen 641°C
• Very low heat transfer.
• Highly flexible (elongation – 20 – 25%).
• Medium strength (GPD – 3.5).
• Low toxicity.
• High level of comfort and durability.
• High Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI – 56%)
• Excellent chemical resistance.  


GAZOLETM  5100F Fibre Spinning

Applications – Fire fighting clothes, automotive braking system, fire blocking layers in aircraft seats

We are committed to developing innovative and economically viable solutions for the need of your industries through novel technologies. Together we can find the right solutions to secure a stronger, smarter & safer future.

Contact us to learn how PBI can be used to produce lighter, faster and safer products.

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