News: Dr. K. H. Gharda awarded “ Life Time Achievement Award for 2018 ” by Indian Council of Food and Agriculture with support of Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare; Ministry of Food Processing Industries and Ministry of Commerce.

ICC Archarya P.C.Ray Award for 2018 – Indigenous technology development of indigenous technology of PEKK polymer

Segments We Serve


Our advanced plastics and fibers help build lighter, stronger, safer and more sustainable vehicles – from under-the-hood and powertrain applications to steering wheels, the chassis, and exteriors. We’re helping the aviation industry in reducing part weights and thereby improving its fuel efficiency.


Everyday, Gharda helps its customers to outpace the competition through experience and expert support. Choose the right solution for your healthcare application using our broad range of plastic resin products that are differentiated by a greater degree of testing, manufacturing control, and regulatory compliance


As consumers become more demanding, manufacturers need to respond with products that deliver on multiple levels. For example, most of us want healthier food from sustainable sources, but without sacrificing convenience and great taste. The truth is, even when we believe we are eating for health, we may not be.

Oil and Gas

From a materials science perspective, the oil and gas industry often sets the most demanding benchmarks with regards to performance, longevity, and resistance to harsh chemicals and environments.

Electrical & Electronics

The brand new molding compounds GAZOLETM– PBI and G-PAEKTM – PEK based on the thermoplastic materials expand our range to include materials with unique property combinations that can be customized to the growing needs of the electrical & electronics industry.

Alternative Energy

There is growing worldwide awareness in effective and efficient energy usage. Moreover, many of our products enable energy savings in their applications. A more efficient use of energy goes hand in hand with reductions in the emission of the Green House Gas CO2.

Who We Are

Gharda is a global science-based company active in polymer & agrochemical materials. By connecting its unique competences in material & agrochemical sciences Gharda is driving economic prosperity, environmental progress, and social advances to create sustainable value for all. For more than 20 years, we have been developing high-performance plastics successfully in new applications. Our products help our customers make their applications highly efficient and competitive. We aim to meet this standard every day – with a careful analysis of customer requirements, innovative development and manufacturing processes and exemplary service.

Dr. K. H. Gharda

Chairman & Managing Director

Gharda Golden Anniversary

Latest News

Gharda plastics participating in K-2013,GERMANY.
G-PAEKTM FCT grades for high wear resistance at high temperature.
Gharda plastics participating in INDIA NUCLEAR ENERGY 2013
Gharda plastics participating in 9th PLASTIVISION INDIA 2013
P.C RAY AWARD 2012 for the development of PEK (G-PAEKTM)
PLASTICON 2012 Gold Award for development of PEK (G-PAEKTM)
G-COATTM (PEK) Surface Coatings for Complete Chemical Protection
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