PEK Monofilament

PEK Monofilament

A high performance thermoplastic with the characteristics common to this group – strong, stiff, hard, high temperature resistance, good chemical resistance and inherently low flammability and smoke emission. PEK is beige in colour and usually semi-crystalline and opaque, except thin films are usually amorphous and transparent. It also has very good resistance to wear, dynamic fatigue and radiation, but it is difficult to process and very expensive. Filled grades, including ones designed for bearing-type applications are also available as special order items.

Applications include Conveyer Belting, Filtration media, Printing Meshes, Aerospace straps, Tennis racquets strings, Musical instruments strings etc.

  • PEK Monofilaments key feature
  • Excellent heat resistance, continuous use temperature: approximately 280°C
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent in hydrolysis resistance
  • Resin itself is excellent in flame- retardancy and smoke generation is little.
  • Very Low water absorption
  • Excellent in creep resistance
  • Excellent radiation resistance, the best in all polymers
G-PAEK TM 1200G Standard melt flow for Extrusion.

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